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Our pride is quality, our objective is the satisfaction of our customers. A lot of time, work, and commitment is needed to get to know in full and professionally use the values and properties of wood. Our expertise and experience, combined with the use of the most modern technologies enable us to provide you with excellent products highlighting the natural beauty and power of wood. We make all possible efforts that our work and manufactured products meet your expectations and follow the changing trends and needs. Thanks to that our present and potential customers in Poland as well as in the whole Europe find interest in our attractive offer.

Tartak Michalski is a firm with rich tradition and over 50-year history.

ho in 1958 started sawing wood to the needs of nearby residents and craftsmen. At the beginning the plant was doing mainly production of sawed materials and roof structures. With time Tartak was gaining significance and was extending its scope of its activity. The turning point occurred in 1983 when Bogdan Michalski became the owner of Tartak. By combining the expertise and experience handed over by his grandfather and father with his own commitment and passion of creation Bogdan started to develop and modernise the plant. New investments are being continuously made up to now which enable us to improve permanently the quality of our products. 



Dry timber is the flagship product of our firm. We have been sawing wood for over 50 years and drying it for 25 years, and this has enabled us to gain necessary experience in the work with wood, and bring the process of drying wood to perfection. We offer wide range of kinds of both hardwood and softwood. Our strong points undoubtedly are:
- 50 year experience in wood sawing and 25 year in drying timber,
- the most modern technologies,
- drying processes monitored for 24 hrs,
- strict selection of raw material already at the preliminary woodworking,
- permanent quality control of products,
- continuous development, high production capabilities,
- confidence and recognition among our customers,
- FSC® certificate.

The roof truss system is one of the more important construction components of every building. It fulfils the function of supporting and even distribution of the weight of the structure roof, and that is why it should be made of a well selected material with specific technical properties. Professional approach to production ensures the safety of household members, and the guarantee of quality is the CE certificate we have been granted, proving that the construction wood is being prepared in accordance with applicable standards, and that it meets the expected strength requirements. Provide yourself and your family with safe roof for many years!
- wood sorted for strength,
- selection of the material meeting the construction wood requirements,
- strict control of the functional properties of the material,
- impregnation by immersing,
- CE certificate, proving that the construction wood is being prepared in accordance with the applicable standards, and that it meets the expected strength requirements.
In our offer we have also other elements needed at the construction of roof structures: boards, battens, counter battens, and wainscot panelling elements. 

The nobility of wooden floor gives to every interior a unique and exclusive character. Wiling to give you the possibility of surrounding yourself with a bit of luxury, we create our floors with the highest care. When purchasing our product you can be sure that it is the solid wood processed from the beginning to the end under the tutelage of our best specialists. Selected wood guarantees warmth and durability for several dozen years, even for those most demanding. We are convinced that our quality will find the recognition of every customer. 
Below we present some assets of the floorboards of our production:
- 100% natural, solid wood, free of intermediate products,
- wood with FSC® certificate,
- floor for many years, possibility of multiple scraping and renovation,
- ageless floor, the appearance may change as the interior decor does,
- recommended for children and allergy sufferers,
- the floor does not pick up static and does not attract dust and mites,
- safe for human health,
- additional acoustic and thermal insulation.
We propose you also dedicated skirting boards selected individually to every accomplishment. To complement the exceptional interior decor we also offer beautiful, wooden doors and staircases/steps  which excellently emphasise the character of the house, flat, or office.
The combination of dry timber of the highest quality with woodworking on the most recent technology machines gives the products and semi-finished products with perfect finish surface, tough, and stable in terms of dimensions. We manufacture glued laminated timber with the dimensions given by the customer, we advise when selecting material in accordance with its final purpose, and in particular:
- veneered door stiles/rails,
- glued laminated elements for steps and stair risers,
- glued laminated elements for worktops, widow sills,

Our products have FSC® certificate.

We manufacture also staircases/steps and both internal and exterior doors of solid wood. Unlimited design, colours, and the possibility of joining wood and glass or metal enable us to carry out even the most demanding projects.

Wishing to provide comprehensive services we propose you the use of professional assortment concerning assembly, finish, and care of wooden elements. Our offer includes the products of the brands specialising in work with wood. We offer:
preparations for the care of wood,

We invite joiners and parquet firms to the cooperation.

Customers' opinions about us

Customers' opinions about us

Customers' opinions about us

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Tartak bogdan Michalski | racot, ul. szkolna 23 | 64-000 Kościan
tel.: 65 513 14 54 | fax.: 65 513 10 11 | biuro@tartakmichalski.pl

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Bank Spółdzielczy w Kościanie

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